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Emma's Core Competencies

Emma’s Core Competencies

For each of the courses you have taken as a part of your YDEV degree (FNED 346, SPED 300, PSYC 230/215, CEP 315, YDEV 352, SWK 240, SWK 320, SWK 324, SWK 325, SWK 326, NPST courses, all concentration courses), how and what have you learned about these Core Competencies?  Be specific about the ideas, theories, texts, and concepts that help you feel knowledgeable in each of these areas.  In what areas do you need more preparation?

Domain #1:
Family, School and Community Relationships (p. 6)

In thinking about family, it is quite important to know the roles of each family member. You need a guardian or parent to give you guidance and siblings act as support systems

This depends on the child, they may need a significant amount of aid so parent or guardian must speak with school professionals

The child receiving services must speak up for when things may not be working or when another approach does work successfully

When relationships such as family ties are positive there can allow for openness that allow communication

Confidentiality can be seen as a social worker assisting a client and keeping names private as it is right to the client

Domain #2:  
Youth Development Curriculum and Program Design (p. 8)

My own childhood allows me to place myself in these youth I am working with so I can attempt to help them in their time of need

Going through my own childhood reminds me that we never grow up in on the inside because of this I enjoy to bring in fun youth oriented activities such as coloring.

Being a learner who is visual I can understand how visuals and hands on activities can aid in learning

Due to my style of learning I can comprehend that not all students learn the same way

Creation of an play or dance or music is a great example to let the students be interactive in the creation. When they are involved they are more motivated.

Domain #3:
Health, Safety and Wellness (p. 12)

Hold awareness of society we live in, such as being aware of social stratification with the “Inequality for All” documentary

The National Association of Social Workers: Code of Ethics: service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, integrity, and competence

Dancing helps to improve your mental functioning

Dancing aids in improving your social skills

Movement allows for illness like Parkinson's disease to occur less or much later on in life as moving throughout the body keeps chemical, dopamine in balance.

Danc 215, 216, 110, 112, 114 have all taught me the importance of conditioning your body if dancing is a career you want to pursue; the importance of continuing your dance studies as you grow from all level classes

These classes have a way of putting your body into a healthy physical state that is hard to dedicate to as a student

Domain #4:
Professional Growth and Leadership (p. 14)

Respectful to advisors/ professors


Dresses appropriately in more professional events

Works to respect others in their life experiences

Capable of speaking in a child’s level

My level of patience grows each experience of working with children

My sense of voice with young children such as when reading books to them

Other skills you have mastered that don’t fit these categories??  Note them below!

My ability to strike up a conversation at moment’s notice

Organizational skills

Accepting perspective of all kind of learners

My sympathy for other’s situations

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