Thursday, November 3, 2016

2016 Political Campgain


To be honest I cannot stand either of the presidential candidates. Hilary Clinton may be the first women president but after Bill Clinton's time as president I do not trust author Clinton. My mom has always spoke negatively of the Clintons; I hold respect for what she has said because it holds such value. 

Trump is not someone who I imagined to run for president. However, one statement that has stayed with me was something my mom said. Trump is not a politician, he is business man. 

When I filling out my absentee ballot, I had bit of a difficult time. Trump or Clinton? What I really wanted to do was a write in. I do not believe that Hillary Clinton would be the right first woman. Nor do I care for the negative comments and beliefs about women are fair. Women are equal to men so they deserve the same kind of respect.

Trump has called some women slobs, fat pigs and a bimbo. He also has said "That women are essentially aesctheically pleasing objects." "That a woman must be hot to be a journalist."
These statements are ludicrous. I personally am not a fat pig or a bimbo, I am an intelligent young woman with career intentions. Trump is wrong to say this because woman are more than exterior, for example, Christine Amanpour who is an anchor and chief international correspondent for CNN. She has traveled the world reporting on global issues. Christine Amanpour is not a slob, she is brilliant and successful. 

Hillary Clinton is not perfect as Trump lacks the essence of being perfect. While holding her position as secretary of state, she pretended to have brain damage so she would not have to testify in front of a congressional hearing regarding the assult by militants on the US diplomatic compound in Benghazi and Libya. In this event four Americans were killed. When holding a position from any organization, lying is not a good judge of character. How can someone who lies can be trusted? Politicians do lie, yet this does not help people acquire a new position in politics. In learning her lie in this situation makes my dislike for her quite stronger. 

My question is that, "why can't Michele Obama run for president." I have seen her start such amazing inaitives, such as the importance of physical activity. This is something the nation needs help with. Michele may not be perfect. Despite that, I can see she would have a good sense of character to run our nation. 

The questions I hold for this election are:

1) How will healthcare change?
2) Will women still have their rights, such as the right to vote?
3) Will there still be a high number of illegal immigrants in our country?
4) Will people actually leave America if Trump is elected president?
5)Will Hillary become just the face of nation while Bill Clinton takes the work into his hands?

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