Thursday, November 17, 2016

Event # 2! Come support the Arts

On the 2nd and 3rd of December the State Ballet of Rhode Island will be performing Coppelia at the Park Theatre in Cranston.  Come support the Arts! 

Performing on stage within this production was amazing. The State Ballet has been in operation for 57 years. The artistic director, Herci Marsden created this ballet company. Ms. Marsden has been teaching for over 45 years. She use to share her craft of teaching at the Unversity of Rhode Island. Alongside Ms. Marsden, is her daughter, Ana Fox. She works as an instructor as well. 

The overall experience of being a part of this production was so worthwhile. I learned choreography in two months, a character style type dancing that I have never been exposed to. It really pushed me to try, to make each moment strong and defined. I do admit I made mistakes but simply breaking that studio door open changed my life for the better. I simply walked in, I did not doubt myself. I just walked in and danced as myself. Exposing myself, being vulnerable was not easy but it was so overwhelming to read the positive response from Ms. Ana Fox. 

While I learned about this new studio and choreography, it gave me the opportunity to help in teach children about a ballet performance. Some children are not blessed with the chance to take a ballet class. The 10am performance was for students from surrounding elementary schools, this performance was for educational purposes. Now these children learned about Coppelia, a humorous story about a whimsical doll. Now it may peak their interest in looking for other stories to learn about. For example, there are stories such as "princess and the pea."

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  1. On Friday the 2nd, we performed a 10am performance. I enjoyed this one because it was specifically for children, it was a great opportunity to educate these children about dance. The children loved the production, the laughed from our facial expressions during our fight scene, were shocked at how still we were as dolls during act 2 while Dr. Coppelia came to check on his toys. The audience of the kids added so much to the performance, their laughter kept us acting. As a group of dancers we are meant make people enjoy the show. This whole idea of Coppelia is about a whimsical and humorous doll so we thrive off laughter form the audience.