Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Construction of Adolescence 

In the reading, they explain about a third grade teacher, Danielle. She is seen as a favorite teacher by most students with her high expectations. However, she has been dealing with a student who does not care for her. She said that this student, Antwon has been disrespectful towards her. One part that stuck out was that neither the teacher or student confronted the other person. 

In my short 22 years of life, I have seen how important communication is. The concept of communication becomes even more important as adolescence is such a difficult time in a persons life.   Now in my 20s, I will look back a few years of when I was in my adolescence and gets the shivers. It is such an awkward time because it begins once middle school begins. I remember that middle school was quite strange as I dealt with changes in my environment occurred while my physical and emotional state took quite a turn. I remember the feeling when i realized that I looked and acted different from the other girls in my grade. In my perspective it seemed like I was that weird girl who never wore shorts. Then while dealing my physical state it would affect my emotional state because people thought it was a good opportunity to make fun of me in multiple ways. For example, when people noticed that i was administered modified tests. The comment that I associate with this is "SPED." I get that it is acronym. However, it can have such a negative connotation especially if children hear it. One time I tried to stand up for myself and it failed hopelessly. It was such a defeating moment when other people laughed in agreement. 

Antwon had mentioned that he was dealing with challenges in his peer groups but he kept it from his teacher, Ms. Peterson. When there is something that is bothering a student it can make very negative effects. Socialization between young students and adults is so vital. It is hard to speak to someone who is more experienced in life, it may be imtimidating because a teacher may comes off as un approachable. If Antwon finds Ms. Peterson un approachable then he will not be likely to speak to her when he needs advice in friend situations. Despite that fear of speaking with his teacher, it may help Antwon to see the teacher as a friend in a mentoring sense. Personally, I have a teacher who has been a life long mentor. She has given me great advice that has taken me far as it has been realistic so I can handle challenges in my life. 

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