Monday, September 5, 2016

Hello YDEV friends,
as anyone who reads my blog it is clear to see that my name is Emma. I also go by Em.  I will respond to either one. Originally, I am from Stonington, CT which is right near the Mystic Aquarium. I have two older sisters, Hannah and Sarah along with two sweet kind hearted weird parents. My sister Hannah is an engineer who works on nuclear subamrines. My sister Sarah is a preschool teacher who works at a daycare. My dad is also an engineer that works on nuclear subarmines and he is a great handyman! He can fix almost anything. My mom has been a stay at home mom since my sister Hannah was born. My mom is a an amazing cook and baker! Another favorite person in my life is Sloan. My sister Sarah had a baby girl, Sloan. Sloan recently turned 2 about two weeks ago. Sloanie is my favorite! I watched Sloan grow from day one in the hospital to now, it has been beautiful watching her grow. Sloan is the sunshine of my life.
This is one of many favorite sweet videos of Sloan
Making cookies was quite a to do in my house growing up. It was a pleasure had by all Holman girls especially after Thanksgiving.
This was my senior prom, my date was my best friend Amy.
I meet her in 3rd grade at back to school night. Since that day we have been glued to the hip. 

The humor of children is the best as Sloan thinks the ocean is really a pool.  
As an aunt it has been beautiful watching Sloan see things like animals for the first time. 
 In the picture above are my sisters, Sarah is on the left and Hannah is in the middle. 
Becoming an aunt for both Hannah and I has been a whirlwind of excitement! 

My dad is on the left, with the funny bucket hat. He is an awsome thought and nurturing dad. The other figure is my Grampy, my dad's dad. He is hysterical, thoughtful and loves his kids and grandchildren. 

 I have been raised by my mom to be independent and I love that this is a nature I am accustom to. However, I do make some exceptions when I think I meet the right person for me. This time I lucked out with Franklin. We are friends as well as more.

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