Saturday, October 22, 2016

Event #1

Almost four years ago I would leave OASIS in tears  multiple times, wishing to be in the Elementary Education Program. Throughout many failed attempts and a mostly completed praxis entrance exam and fear for my future career I ended up declaring a major in Youth Development. Looking back at advising, it was so relaxing to walk into advising this past Wednesday during free period. I thought how I am done with advising for my undergraduate degree.

It is so surreal because I am so close to earning my degree. Its almost hard to believe since I never thought I could earn a college level degree. Looking back, I can see how the severely the repercussions of my disorder hurt me. I mean in the confidence kind of sense, knowing in myself that I could do it. Now a semester and a half away from my degree, its exhilarating and a little sad. Sad in a sense of how time flies so quickly when you in school and enjoying the time growing as a young person.

To tap back into the actual event of advising, I can say that I enjoyed being there. I felt that I was helpful to the younger youth development students. I felt good helping someone else, it seemed like I had not assisted someone in awhile. It made me sad, like when my niece Sloan is upset when she knows Grammie is leaving Sloan's house. However, it did enligten a feeling of want to help another group of people, a group of people that need other sorts of help. It always leaves me with a fuzzy warm feeling.

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