Friday, December 9, 2016

Purposeful Play Debrief

Debrief to Purposeful Play

Initially I was not sure about how I felt co directing a purposeful play. Besides instructing dance and working as a paraprofessional I felt that a bit nervous because I am find that I am still figuring out how to teach as a human service worker.  We are not teaching like a standard Elementary or high school teacher. Youth workers are looking to teach a child's development growth in a sense of assisting students handle life's challenges.

I feel that if we worked more with context about youth work in class I would feel more comfortable in creating more purposeful play. I think there is a lack of knowledge spoken in class. In FNED 346 we spoke about each reading that was assigned and that really helped to understand the class expectations we had to understand, such as when we part took in our service learning assignment. 

I think in next semester if we had assignment to create purposeful plays for simple practice and for discussion in class where we could talk about what to add, what to change, what to do with young children, how to approach it with older children. We all will face lessons that do not work so I find that we need more practice because it can help figure out what works and what may not work. 

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